Calgary Basement Development: What These Companies Should Be

 What do you do with the unused space in your basement? Is it the space where you put in all your accumulated trash in hopes that others would not see them or maybe even tale notice? Or do you transform it into something more useful like an entertain space or perhaps even a personal library? Whichever you choose to have in your basement, it is important that you find yourself a contractor that specializes in basement development.

Calgary basement development depends so much on what the experts say. They are the ones that set the trend in terms of how the basement can be developed. Calgary basement development companies ensure that their clients are given high quality service that they deserve. So what should clients expect from the companies that they hire? Here are a few things about basement development companies that you should expect of them:

Home Builders Calgary 

Home Builders Calgary

  • A basement development company should be able to provide you options. Since there are a lot of different ways on how a basement can be developed, your contractor should be able to show you these many ways to help you choose and decide which one would be best for you. Their suggestions could also be based on how they know you and how their suggestion could make your life better.
  • A basement development company should also be able to show you all their licenses and other credentials. They should be able to help you in the most legal ways possible. Their licenses will assure you that they are good at what they do and their training will back that up. More importantly, these credentials will convince you that they will know how to handle the project you will depend on them for.
  • A basement development expert is the one that should be open to discussing everything about the project with you. If they refuse to discuss the specifics, then they may not be the right basement contractor for you. You want to work with experts who will feel comfortable discussing with you’re the answers to your questions. Since it is your home that you will be improving, you need to understand the project, inside and out.

Your choice of who to work with is dependent on your own terms. However, you need to understand that you need to find a contractor who can help you out. Knowing what a basement contractor should be will give you more idea on what you should expect.

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Have A Dream House? Calgary Custom Home Builders Can Help

Dream houses are often intended to be just dream homes because they are normally beyond the spending capacity for most of us.  However, if you have enough money to spend in making your dream house a reality, it is crucial that you hire the best contractors who are ideally suited and experienced in building such structures.  Dream homes are often custom designed based on the request of the owner while possibly incorporating the design element with the home’s location and setting.

When you need a custom built house in Canada, the ones to hire are Calgary custom home builders.  This is because these contractors have the necessary experience, knowhow, equipment, tools, and sets of skills to help make your dream home a reality.  All these are the necessary things to keep in mind when hiring a contractor for your custom home that you plan on having them build.

calgary Custom Home Builders 

calgary Custom Home Builders

The problem with hiring regular contractors who are not experienced with the making of luxurious homes is that they are not much acquainted with the necessary materials they should use that will go perfectly with the type of home they are building.  Even if they can imagine what is really needed, maybe they do not have the necessary contacts to make it a reality because such luxury homes being built also requires certain subcontracts to be made and these are the professionals that usually specialize in a particular field during the construction.  This is why if you’re having a luxury dream home to be built you definitely will not go wrong if you hire the luxury home builders Calgary custom home contractors.

The thing about dream homes is that they are never really cheap – which is the very reason they are called dream homes after all.  If you hire the wrong contractors for this type of job, not only will you be spending more, but there is also a possibility that you will not be satisfied with the overall and completed project.  Which is why for any type of expensive custom home construction, the custom home builders Calgary are the ones to consider for the job.  These are seasoned professionals and have the necessary portfolio to prove that they are the right ones for the job.

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4 Ways to Identifying Asbestos at Home

Asbestos is used in building homes in the year 1980’s to 1990’s. But some safety hazards have been identified in the late 1990’s resulting to banning the products in the United States and United Kingdom. Studies show that it’s the cause a certain type of cancer. But asbestos removal is difficult if you don’t know how to identify the fibre. There’s two way of identifying asbestos. You can ask a Calgary asbestos abatement company to help you or you can check on these steps to identify it yourself.

  1. Remove a Sample

You can start asbestos removal Calgary by cutting a square inch of the plaster from the wall or ceiling. But you need to observe safety precautions before doing this. You can do the following.

  • Wear a mask to avoid inhalation of asbestos fibers.
  • You can wear gloves to avoid direct contact.
  • Limit activities inside the room to avoid spreading fibers.
  • Turn appliances off.
  • Use few drops of detergent mist to reduce the release of asbestos fibers.


  1. Keep Sample in a Plastic

Put the sample in a clean lock bag or plastic container. Before hiring a company for Calgary asbestos abatement services label the container with the date and place where you get the sample.

  1. Look for Asbestos Lab

There’s only one way to make sure that it’s asbestos, you need to look for at the nearest asbestos lab in your area. Here are some ways how to get in touch with an asbestos testing lab.

  • Ask the help of an asbestos abatement company. Their line of work makes them the best source in looking for a testing lab.
  • You can search the internet. Accredited labs are available in online directory listing.
  • You can also check out International Asbestos Testing Laboratory.
  • Just simply run a search of ‘asbestos lab testing’ in your search engine.
  1. Follow the Instructions

It’s important to follow instructions. It doesn’t matter whether you get your choice of testing lab from Calgary asbestos abatement services or the internet. Most laboratories need you to complete a form before submitting your sample. Print and complete the form then submit it to the right address together with the payment.

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Calgary Basement Development Company – Using PLANiT Builders For Your Next Project


It’s most likely that you are using the area just as a storage location or simply some unused workout equipment if you have an unfinished basement. However, what you do not understand is that you can change your unfinished basement into an amazing living location, with extremely little effort and within a restricted budget plan. If you have actually not yet considered utilizing seriously, then now is the time to do so, as it can help you make the most of the unused space that you had actually been wasting all this time. Developments using the exact same level of care and proficiency as we perform in Calgary.

The easiest in addition to the best method to remodel your basement into a living area is to work with an expert basement development specialist and best to make use of because we specialize in basement developments! Alternatively, if you are among those who like to do things by yourself, then here are some tips to make your task easier:.

Depending on the distinct demands of your family, you should develop a strategy for the home. At this point of time, it is very important that you pay heed to the minor details so that there is no room for mistake. If you are preparing a living area in the basement, then it also makes sense to include a basic bathroom to it as it will help you stay clear of frequent journeys to the upper floor of your residence. Barring that you can set up a basic home entertainment room with a good toss rug to warm things up a little.

For the real handyman a is frequently their first genuine attempt in your home construction and as we have actually enjoyed some truly astonishingly awful basements for many years we can only state PLEASE call us prior to you take on such a big job! We are the experts and we will include value to your home. The average handyman unique usually winds up adding little to no value.

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Custom & Luxury Home Builders Calgary

Luxury Custom Home Builder Calgary

There’s quite a few custom home builders Calgary to choose from such as. How do you know what one is best for you?  Is luxury most important to you or do you want something really modern?  Maybe you want something that has a traditional look but is very customized to suit your needs.  Whatever the case you need to make sure that the home builder you choose can actually give you want you want.

Remember, building a custom home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make (apart from who you are going to marry or what career path you will choose).  You are already going to spend a lot of money so you might as well make sure you get the MOST value for the money you spend.  Trying to save money by going to a “cheaper” home builder isn’t always the right decision.  Sometimes it is better to sacrifice size for quality.

Another question you need to ask yourself is where you want your new home to be located.  I’m sure you already have a few ideas of where you want to be but you’d be amazed at how many places in Calgary will blow you away that you aren’t aware of.  Why not sit down with some home builders and see what ideas they have… where do they build, what kind of homes, etc.  Make sure you walk through one of their show homes just to get an idea of the kind of work they do.

One of the home builders we recommend is  If you want to learn more about custom home building click here.


Finding the right will depend on personal taste and to a certain extent, budget. We will be posting new information about custom homes regularly so please check back soon!

Calgary custom home builders

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